A robust approach to noise by a forward thinking city council:

Don’t suffer in silence: Noise Action Week.

In support of Noise Action Week, the Chelmsford City Council, using data from noise complaints, will produce noise heat maps of the city and intend to use that information to target hotspot areas.  In addition to visiting the hotspots and doing outreach in those areas, the city council has launched a noise app that will allow residents to make a recording of noise that is causing a disturbance and send it direct to a case officer for review.  It will be interesting to see if the mobile app gets traction and is useful in reducing noise complaints.

Apparently this past week was Noise Action Week in the UK, a campaign coordinated by Environmental Protection UK, which is a charity that provides expert policy analysis and information on air quality, land quality, and noise.  Noise Action Week supports groups, agencies, and services that are involved in reducing the cost of noise to health and quality of life.

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