More of this, please:

A New Breed of Impact Drivers Cuts the Noise in Half.  Remember when a cordless drill was the best thing ever?  Apparently impact drivers are the new best thing, offering the “most torque and power for fastening bolts and driving screws.”  The price to be paid for that power is noise, which is not unlike a mini-jackhammer.   Fortunately, some manufacturers realized that noise was a deterrent for at least some buyers, and they have designed impact drivers that promise to deliver the power with less than half the noise.

We aren’t going to run out and buy an impact driver soon, but it is exciting to see that manufacturers recognize that noise is a problem and that reducing noise is a selling point.  Yes, yes it is.  Let’s encourage this behavior.  When you’re buying new appliances or equipment, check to see if the manufacturer posts a decibel rating on the box or promotional materials.  If not, contact the manufacturer and ask if they will provide it to you.  Finally, ask your preferred retailer whether they offer quieter versions of whatever you are looking for.  If we ask for it, they will build it.

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