The Internet of Things’ answer to bad Airbnb guests:

Dallas startup offers noise monitors for rentals. Melissa Repko, The Dallas Morning News, writes about NoiseAware, a noise monitoring startup out of Texas. NoiseAware is the brainchild of Dave Krauss, who was engaged in the (sketchy) business of reletting apartments for short-term rentals on Airbnb. One Airbnb guest threw a loud party that resulted in Krauss getting a “cease and desist letter from a Dallas apartment manager.”  He ended up with a $30,000 loss on the apartment. To help others avoid his fate, he and his co-founder developed a noise monitor that alerts an owner when the noise in his or her apartment passes a certain level:

The sensors, which are manufactured in Plano, are bolted into an electrical outlet and connected to Wi-Fi. A property owner can customize quiet hours or adjust noise level sensitivity. If the noise rises above that level for a sustained period, the owner gets a text message.

And then, presumably, the owner calls the renter and harangues them for being noisy. Or something.

While we an understand Krauss’ motivation for developing this product, we do wonder about the implications of real time monitoring. Sure, NoiseAware only monitors the decibel level–as far as we know–but could it be adapted to allow the owner to listen in real time? And what about broader applications? Krauss was essentially subletting apartments for short term rentals via Airbnb.  Could or should a landlord could attach these sensors in longer-term rentals? That said, no doubt there are plenty of parents who would love to monitor their kids’ activities when they are away.  As for us, we’re just waiting for the startup that offers an app that allows you to hack the NoiseAware sensor.

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