The Brits sure take their noise complaints seriously, Part II:

It was fun until the fuzz took his music away.

Loud music costs noisy neighbour £1.7k and his sound systems. The defendant had been warned on many occasions and served a noise abatement notice, but he would not stop. Until, that is, the law took away his sound system–and it’s not coming back.

A magistrate gave the defendant “a two year conditional discharge and ordered him to pay full costs to the council of £1754.50, plus a £20 victim surcharge,” and “also agreed that the sound systems, DVD player and CDs would be forfeited and not returned.” £1754.50 is approximately $2187.24, a not insignificant amount.

It may seem harsh, but as the council chair of the environment, transport, and sustainability committee stated: “Like all anti-social behaviour, noise nuisance can cause a great deal of distress.”  That is a fact the defendant will never forget (one hopes).

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