The problems with hearing aids

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and the solutions. Manfred starts her piece with a stunning statistic: “A whopping 80 percent of adults between the ages of 55 and 74 who would benefit from a hearing aid do not use them.”  Why? For a variety of reasons: discomfort, disappointment with the sound quality, difficulty in using them, expense, and a fear of “wear[ing] something associated with ‘old.’” But what these people don’t realize, Manfred writes, is “the profound damage that uncorrected hearing loss can do to your physical, emotional and cognitive health.”

Click the link to read about the effect of hearing loss on the brain–it’s profound–and read Manfred’s responses to the various excuses people give for not getting a pair of hearing aids.  As she notes, they aren’t perfect, but it’s better to deal with little imperfection than the consequences of not wearing them.

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  1. P. J. Lazos

    My youngest has a bit of hearing loss in her right ear and it’s been that way since she was little. She could never get along with the hearing aid because the lunch room sounded like people yelling and at other times it wasn’t enough. What a mysterious organ the inner ear is.


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