World’s worst neighbor?

Photo credit: rich_pickler licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

This has to be in the running, we think: Woman Jailed For Being Obnoxiously Intimate. At 5:00 a.m. The defendant’s (long-suffering) neighbor contended that “she was forced into hearing obscene screaming and yelling coming from [the defendant’s] residence, which lasted for approximately ten minutes.” In fact it woke her up. But thankfully justice was on the poor aggrieved neighbor’s side. The Legal Reader reports:

After hearing the evidence, Judge Emma Kelly cited the anti-social behaviour order in place which barred [the defendant], or anyone else, from making “loud sex noises” while in her Birmingham home. She said the order also prevented the woman from “causing nuisance by playing loud music, shouting, swearing, making banging noises, stamping and slamming doors”, the majority of which [she] had indeed engaged in that evening, or previously. Therefore, the loud arguments between [the defendant] and her boyfriend and the couple’s noisy make up sex indeed violated the law.

So how did the judge sentence Ms. World’s Worst Neighbor? Thusly:

In light of the amount of breaches found, the lack of remorse and the defendant’s attendance at court literally days before half of these breaches took place, I take the view that an immediate term of imprisonment is justified on the facts of this case. I take the view that a period fourteen days immediate imprisonment is appropriate to run concurrently on each breach.

And the neighborhood heaved a sigh of relief.

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