Chicago to install noise monitors along Lake Shore Drive


Photo credit: Roman Boed licensed under CC BY 2.0

A new Illinois law is taking on noisy vehicles along Lake Shore Drive. Gov. Bruce Rauner signed HB2361 into law on Tuesday, August 24th, which “allows the city of Chicago to install noise monitors along the scenic expressway to study the impact of vehicular noise.” The bill’s sponsor, Illinois Rep. Sara Feigenholtz, says that the “law creates a first step in remediating the ambient noise problem along Lake Shore Drive.” Feigenholtz proposed the bill because she wanted empirical–not anecdotal–evidence about the noise coming from the drive. The city of Chicago may now enact an ordinance providing for the monitoring, which is “similar in concept to the monitoring system used to measure jet noise around O’Hare International Airport.”

This is an exciting first step for a U.S. city, and something that London is doing this in its draft London Environmental Strategy, which strongly addresses the problems of highway noise. Chicago can take the lead among American cities in monitoring and controlling road traffic noise.





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