Whales talking on new frequency due to ocean noise

Photo credit: NOAA Photo Library (public domain)

Avery Thompson, Popular Mechanics, reports that “[n]ew research suggests that blue whales are changing their communication band due to noise from human ships.” Thompson writes that noise from ocean liners and large container ships can travel for miles below the waves, disturbing animals like whales and dolphins. Researchers from from Oregon State University are finding that blue whales are learning to adapt to the noise by changing the frequency with which they communicate, and they “believe that the whales are doing this deliberately to avoid interference from human sounds.” Of course, the scientists aren’t completely sure, but as shipping companies move to using quieter electric ships, they will be able to see if the whales go back to their former frequencies.

And it’s not just whales and dolphins that are reacting to ocean noise. Researchers at Newcastle University have discovered that “European sea bass experienced higher stress levels when exposed to the types of piling and drilling sounds made during the construction of offshore structures.”

It’s long past time that humans start considering the harmful effects our noisy existences are having on each other and every other living thing on this planet.


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  1. JDM

    Fascinating! Also distressing.

  2. JDM

    Fascinating. Also, disturbing.

  3. JD Morris

    Fascinating and disturbing.

    1. GMB (Post author)

      It is. We are changing the natural world in so many ways and no one knows what the long term consequences are likely to be.


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