Really, Target?


Dance party in Aisle 3!     Photo credit: Mike Mozart licensed under CC BY 2.0

Target flips on the background music,” reads the headline in a story by Martin Moylan, Minnesota Public Radio. Moylan writes that megachain Target never played music in their stores before a recent decision to join the retail herd. Why no music previously? Because the powers that be thought music was a distraction (yes it is). But that’s about to change as Target has recently “changed its tune” in a misguided attempt to “revive flagging sales and keep shoppers in the aisles longer.” Asks Moylan, “[w]ill shoppers turn up the volume?”

What? How in the world will playing an endless loop of bad pop music increase sales? Yes, we know, some marketing survey says so and the Chief Brand Evangelist at Ridiculous Design Agency claims something or another. We’ve heard this all before. But we’re talking about introducing music at Target, not H&M or wherever it is that kids like to shop. This move seems particularly knuckleheaded when you consider that some obviously more thoughtful retailers are reining in the added noise in an effort to help customers with autism.

So really, Target, please reconsider. Because we are willing to bet real money that no one expects–or wants–a discotheque in the laundry detergent aisle.

Link via Greg, founder of the Soundprint app, the “Yelp for Noise!”

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