Canadian man fined for loudly singing


Here’s how you sing in a car responsibly!  |   Photo credit: nikoretro licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Everybody Dance Now. The BBC reports that a Canadian man was pulled over and ticketed by Montreal police for “screaming in a public place” after “being caught singing in his car.” He is contesting the ticket, which is no laughing matter–$149 Canadian, which is a little under $120 U.S. Taoufik Moalla, 38, doesn’t dispute that he was singing in his car. Rather he claims that his singing “wasn’t loud enough to disturb anyone.” Apparently the Montreal police would disagree, although it is unclear from the article whether the reason for the ticket was loudness or his musical taste.

While there may be disagreement about whether the police action was justified, we think most would agree that this is criminal: Mr. Moalla was in his car driving to  the grocery store to buy a bottle of water.

Surely that should have earned him a second ticket.

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  1. Jan L. Mayes

    He should have got a third ticket for singing disco: Everybody Dance Now.


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