Clever hacks for dealing with noise

in your home. Louise Smithers, D’Marge, writes about various tricks and design choices you can employ to keep noise to a minimum in your castle.  While some options are obvious–use rugs and say yes to drapes–others are a bit more novel, like using attractive fabric covered acoustic panels to add visual interest and noise reduction to your space. While no one suggestion will likely solve every situation, Smithers’ list is a good place to start.

Click the link above to read for the full list of options.

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  1. Janine Gliener

    Smithers’ list has some misleading comments, including suggesting acoustic panels as a solution to “paper thin walls” and that “concrete absorbs sound”. Neither are true. What IS true, is that there are now beautiful decorative acoustic panels which do add visual interest and reduce reverberation of sound created inside the space.
    Janine Gliener
    Acoustics With Design


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