In the market for a quieter vacuum cleaner?

Photo credit: Nick Gordon licensed under CC BY 2.0

Options do exist.  And fortunately Consumer Reports has done the hard work for you.  Click here for a complete list of contenders.

Whether you are looking for an upright, canister, stick, or robotic vacuum, Consumer Reports will have somthing for you.

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  1. Jan L. Mayes

    Wouldn’t it be great to have a Quiet Star program for quiet product manufacturers like the Energy Star for energy efficient manufacturers? I’d buy quiet if it was an option. Manufacturing quiet products should be the norm. Not noisy current norm. Maybe Quiet Stars on product packaging/advertising would help? What noise limit do you think might earn a mfg a Quiet Star if it was a thing?

    1. GMB (Post author)

      Quiet Mark in the UK does this. They rate the quietest products by various consumer appliance categories. But yes, a Quiet Star program in North America would be excellent.


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