‘Tis the season…for nonstop Xmas music

Photo credit: Jim Moore licensed under CC BY 2.0

But in what can only be termed a Christmas miracle, a couple of chain stores are offering respite from the annual holiday assault: AutoZone and Costco are your only sanctuaries from Christmas music this winter.  Actually, Amy X. Wang, Quartz, reports that there are two more kind souls, GameStop and WinCo Foods, that have opted to spare their customers from the endless aural assault.

And after calling around, Wang prepared a list showing when various national retailers plan on turning up the Xmas volume. While most retailers exercised some restraint by waiting until Thanksgiving before turning on the forced holiday cheer, Best Buy cruelly began playing Xmas tunes on October 22nd. We grieve for their employees.

Link via Greg, founder of the Soundprint app, the “Yelp for Noise!”

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  1. Siobhan Wall

    This is why I wrote Quiet New York etc. (publ. Francs Lincoln UK) – books which include information about about shops and other places where background music is not played. I can also recommend shopping online from independent retailers – in the UK a website called Not on the High Street, for example. Meanwhile, Dashwood Books in NY City is ideal!


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