The Children’s Case for a Cleaner (and Quieter) World

Photo credit: Robin Loznak, courtesy of Our Children’s Trust

By Rick Reibstein, Co-Founder, The Quiet Coalition

Visitors to this site, we may presume, are interested in the right to quiet enjoyment of where they live. But this right, as with all others, is or is not honored within a context of law, the purpose of which is seen differently by many people. Right now, the U.S. is in the grip of a philosophy of least government. The focus of the current administration is removing regulations, as if they are simply a set of constraints and costs. This is a tragically simplistic view to hold sway in a democratic republic. In these times, it is important for citizens to think more deeply about the purpose of government.

This piece that I wrote for the ABA Journal is about people who have done so. They are children, and they are acting on their beliefs. Their determination to seek what they see as justice in our court system, and the response thus far of one judge, holds important lessons for all of us.

Rick Reibstein is an environmental lawyer.  He teaches at Boston University and serves as co-chair of the Legal Advisory Council for Quiet Communities, Inc.

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