Lafayette, Indiana’s mysterious hum solved!

And Duke Energy accepts the blame.

Residents of Lafayette, Indiana were hearing a mysterious hum during a recent cold wave, and they were concerned enough to call the local police to report it. Turns out, the reason for the intermittent humming was do to the recent bitter cold temperatures. Says Duke Energy, “it’s nothing but the sound of the simple physics needed to deliver electricity during the coldest weather in the past few years in Lafayette,” adding that “[i]t’s nothing to be concerned about and there’s no danger involved.”

So there’s your answer, Lafaytte. Now get some sleep!


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  1. Bob Foresman

    Not positive it is the same thing?
    I hear it now and it is not even that cold.
    It has been driving us crazy for the last week.
    We called the police and they did nothing.
    I want to know how to fix this?

    1. GMB (Post author)

      Wish we had an answer. Perhaps a local university could help?


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