Edmonton, Canada cracks down on loud street noise

Because, as this editorial in the Edmonton Journal opines, “there are limits to the noise that Edmontonians will put up with — and should have to put up with.” So how will the city deal with loud vehicles on their streets?  With this exciting project:

Edmonton has started testing automated enforcement for loud vehicles. City officials will continue that project this summer, hoping to be ready to start issuing tickets after.

The city council voted to test “photo-radar style noise guns that can detect, photograph or video excessively loud vehicles,” and eventually the city will develop a program to fine offenders. The program won’t just be sprung on residents and people passing through, as the city council want a education component that will use digital noise displays and “a public-awareness campaign to encourage noisy motorists to tone it down.”


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  1. Harold Smith

    Great article!! Thanks for posting. Toronto could learn a lot from this. Unfortunately Edminton’s Noise regulations leave people exposed to gas powered garden equipment noise.

    1. GMB (Post author)

      Going to write up a story about Toronto wanting to redo it’s noise code, so things can change. Cheers.


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