Cochlear implants for children born without hearing

Photo credit: Matt Ralph licensed under CC BY 2.0

by Daniel Fink, MD, Chair, The Quiet Coalition

This op-ed by Irene Taylor Brodsky in the New York Times discusses the issue of cochlear implants for children born without hearing.

It raises all sorts of issues that most parents, and most people, don’t have to consider. Those of us born with normal hearing, and with children and grandchildren born with normal hearing, simply won’t have to deal with these issues.

But we should learn to value our hearing as much as those born without it, and we should protect it all our lives. A simple way to protect hearing is to avoid exposure to loud sound, and if loud sound can’t be avoided, to use hearing protection.

Remember: if it sounds too loud, it is too loud and your hearing is at risk of being damaged.

Dr. Daniel Fink is a leading noise activist based in the Los Angeles area. He is the founding chair of The Quiet Coalition, an organization of science, health, and legal professionals concerned about the impacts of noise on health, environment, learning, productivity, and quality of life in America. Dr Fink also is the interim chair of Quiet Communities’ Health Advisory Council, and he served on the board of the American Tinnitus Association from 2015-2018.

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