A call for quiet fireworks

As Guy Fawkes day approaches ushering in bonfire season in the UK, a Bradford city councillor has called for the council to consider making a law to restrict loud fireworks displays and require quiet ones.

We have written about quiet fireworks before, noting that noise is part of the design of traditional fireworks. But as Councillor Jeannette Sunderland asserts, “[t]he manufacture of fireworks has progressed and it is now possible to hold displays and events of quieter fireworks which can create ‘quieter’ displays, ‘low noise’ displays or silent displays which reduce the noise nuisance and impact on others in terms of acoustic stress.”

It’s not impossible to remove some noise from our lives without giving up things that people enjoy.  Fireworks are, primarily, a visual display.  While there are those who may love the noise that accompanies the brilliant display, by limiting it the experience can be enjoyed by many more people.

Then again, if we consider the overall impact of a fireworks display, maybe it’s time to move on to something a bit less destructive.

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  1. siobhan

    Such a great idea! Ask local musicians to play amazing music, instead. Handel may not be around, but many composers would jump at the chance to compose a piece for a live orchestra. Just make sure the musicians are protected from the wind and rain!

    1. GMB (Post author)

      I like the idea, but the link near the end about the other problems with fireworks–it’s a chemical nightmare–maybe can the visuals, and cue up the orchestra.


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