Want to adopt a pup but don’t want your neighbors to hate you?

Photo credit: Helena Lopes from Pexels

Yahoo Lifestyle reports on the 20 breeds of dogs you should consider if you want to adopt a dog, but can’t deal with the noise.

We couldn’t help but notice that one of the suggested breeds is Pekinese, and we recalled–not with fondness–a former neighbor’s Pekinese that surely was the exception. So take the list with a grain of salt, but know that there are options for sound sensitive–and considerate–dog owners.

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  1. Stuart

    Breeds are part of the issue. But its more about keeping your dog happy, well exercised and engaged (to avoid boredom), as well as training. Behaviour management, reinforcing good and punishing bad.

    If you aren’t going to exercise your dog daily. You are going to abandon it for all daylight hours. Or don’t have the commitment to train and reinforce your dog continually (especially while a puppy) then YOU are at fault for the barking, not the breed.

    1. GMB (Post author)

      We agree. But some breeds are a bit more barky than others.


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