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There must be a German word for this

Photo credit: tinyfroglet licensed under CC BY 2.0

We are going with the phrase “absichtlich nervig”–intentionally annoying: Dezeen reports that German’s national rail service, Deutsche Bahn, has come up with novel and offensive way to “deter crime” in a Berlin station: playing atonal music to drive away “loiterers.”

So how does this work? Dezeen writes that pyschological studies have shown that “to non-expert listeners, listening to atonal music can raise blood pressure, and increase agitation and anxiety.”

Deutsche Bahn hopes the annoying sound will “discourage people from lingering,” apparently unconcerned about travelers who have no option but to wait at the station for their train.






Tips on fixing annoying noise issues at home


Photo credit: FWStudio from Pexels

Nancy Mitchell, Apartment Therapy, offers tips on how to quiet five annoying noises at home, from squeaky floorboards and a creaky door to a noisy radiator.  Click the link to learn about what you can do to make your home a quieter, relaxing oasis.

And the world just got a little bit quieter:

Rejoice! Apple removes irritating startup chime from MacBook Pros.

We can’t help but think that the removal of any noise–even something as seemingly innocuous as the startup chime on a MacBook Pro–is a good thing.  That manufacturers insist on using sound to indicate that some act or thing was achieved really needs to end.  One hopes Apple’s move will herald similar action by other computer manufacturers until eventually one common layer of sound comes to an end.

Link via @jeaninebotta.

Why everyone–except the bean counters and upper management–hates open plan offices:

When All’s Not Quiet On the Office Front, Everyone Suffers.

Click the link to learn the 12 ways that workplace noise affects worker well-being and productivity.  While the executive team, safely ensconced in their offices, may not care about worker well-being, productivity is another thing altogether.

For a bit of background on the use of open-floor plans and some advice on how to make them better, see Open-Plan Offices Are the Worst, Here’s how to make them slightly less terrible.