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Cicada season is coming, get out your earplugs!

Photo credit: This image by the Agriculatural Research Service of the U.S. Deapartment of Agriculture is in the public domain.

Patrick Cloonan, The Indiana Gazette, writes that warmer weather brings out noisy cicadas. The cicadas in question are magicicada septemdecim, or 17-year cicadas.  And yes, they are noisy, says Cloonan, who notes that cicadas think the sound made by power tools are other cicadas.  As a result, the cicadas may land on humans, who will, no doubt, freak out even though cicadas are harmless….and tasty, Cloonan adds.  Yes, animals and people eat cicadas.

So next time you hear the loud chirping of a tree full of cicadas, you might want to put a pot on.  Shouldn’t be hard to find them as they call you to dinner.




Tourists complain French cicadas are ‘too loud’

We understand. Cicadas can be loud and a forest full of them can be overwhelming. But the tourists accusing the insects of destroying their vacations need to reel it in a bit. The mayor of Beausset said that five different groups came to speak to him because they were being annoyed by the sound of the cicadas from morning to night. Said the mayor, “[f]or them the song is an infernal noise — crac-crac-crac — and they cannot understand that it is like music to the ears of us southerners.”

The cicada haters are joined by other tourists to rural France who “were ridiculed for asking for the bells on the village church to be silenced because they kept waking them at seven in the morning.”

When in Rome….