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Explore the sounds of Yellowstone

Photo credit: Frank-2.0 has dedicated this photo the public domain

Cities and Memories has launched their newest project, a sound map of Yellowstone national park. Once again, Cities and Memories provides captured sounds of “everything from grizzly bears and coyotes through to the park’s iconic geysers and steam vents,” and couples them with reimagined sound pieces by artists from around the world. Be sure to set aside a few hours to explore the sound map!

What is the relationship between photography and sound?


Cities and Memories, “a global collaborative sound project,” has launched Sound Photography, which they describe as “the biggest ever worldwide artistic interaction between photographers and sound artists.” The project has sound pieces that accompany photos from 34 countries.

Click this link to see a gallery of images, or this one to access the sound photography map.

And be prepared to lose yourself for a few hours as you navigate the sights and sounds of the world.

Part sound survey, part sound art, and completely compelling:

The Next Station.  A collaborative work by Cities and Memories and London Sound Survey, the Next Station is a sound map of the London Underground and, “by remixing and reimagining every sound it creates[,] an alternative sound world based on the experience and memory of the iconic Tube.”