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This is fascinating

if a bit difficult for us non-STEM types to follow: Scientists can store light as sound moving us “[o]ne step closer to computers that process data at the speed of light.” According to Fiona MacDonald, Science Alert, storing “light-based information as sound waves on a computer chip…is critical if we ever want to shift from our current, inefficient electronic computers, to light-based computers that move data at the speed of light.”

And then our artificially intelligent robots can enslave us faster.

Still, the piece is interesting.  Click the first link to read the whole thing.

New research shows reason why it’s easier to work in a coffee shop than in an open office

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And the short answer is that conversation and music is more distracting than meaningless noise.  Oliver Staley, writing for Quartz, reports on a study by Takahiro Tamesue, a sound engineer at the University of Yamaguchi, in which research subjects were asked to complete “tasks on computers, like counting the number of times an image flashed, while listening to both unintelligible noise and human speech.”  Tamesue concluded that “[t]he more meaningful noises, like conversations, were the most annoying, and proved to be the most distracting.”  That is, “meaningful noise” leads to “a greater decline in work performance.”

Can someone remind us again why open plan offices are so super awesome?

Thanks to Charles Shamoon for the link.