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The Brits sure take their noise complaints seriously, Part II:

It was fun until the fuzz took his music away.

Loud music costs noisy neighbour £1.7k and his sound systems. The defendant had been warned on many occasions and served a noise abatement notice, but he would not stop. Until, that is, the law took away his sound system–and it’s not coming back.

A magistrate gave the defendant “a two year conditional discharge and ordered him to pay full costs to the council of £1754.50, plus a £20 victim surcharge,” and “also agreed that the sound systems, DVD player and CDs would be forfeited and not returned.” £1754.50 is approximately $2187.24, a not insignificant amount.

It may seem harsh, but as the council chair of the environment, transport, and sustainability committee stated: “Like all anti-social behaviour, noise nuisance can cause a great deal of distress.”  That is a fact the defendant will never forget (one hopes).

What’s missing from this story about stadium noise in Atlanta?

Aaron Rodgers: It’s loud in Atlanta, whether it’s all natural or not.  How about a discussion about the dangers of stadium noise?  It’s nowhere to be found. Instead, this NBC post focuses on noise as a tactic and the stupidity of getting caught juicing natural crowd noise with fake crowd noise over the stadium speakers. To wit:

The Falcons were stripped of a fifth-round pick in the 2016 NFL draft and fined $350,000 after an investigation revealed that they had been using fake crowd noise while the opposing offense was on the field during the 2013 and 2014 seasons.

And? Were the Falcons penalized for injuring the hearing of every person in the stadium, or were they fined for violating whatever passes for sportsmanship in football?

This chest thumping over which stadium can produce the most noise–as if that’s a measure of anything good–would be merely pathetic if it weren’t so dangerous.

Now this is what a robust enviornmental protection statute looks like:

Playing loud music can set you back by Rs 1 lakh* and put you behind bars for 5 years.  Or you could just lower the music after you’ve been warned.

*100,000 rupees, which = $1,488.21 on August 22nd. 

Not sure if this is an interesting or misguided approach to noise complaints:

Danbury debuts the “Noise Buster” to crack down on disorderly sound.

On the one hand, it will be hard to miss the “Noise Buster,” so people will be put on notice that the city intends to enforce its new noise ordinance.  On the other hand, we wonder whether the city’s new noise ordinance would survive the first law suit, given the standard the city has adopted for noise violation detection.  Namely:

Under the novel ordinance, the first of its kind in Connecticut, noise control officers and city police are authorized to use their trained ears to detect a noise violation – a technique called the plainly audible standard.

While the city wants to show that it takes noise complaints seriously, it obviously intends to encourage compliance rather than issue a spate of citations.  Among other things, fines start at $25 but only after a warning is given.  So you’ve been warned Danbury party thrower.  Keep the noise in check.